How to update the firmware on the rage squonk

how to update the firmware on the rage squonk

how to update the firmware on the rage squonk

Declaration: Firmware update for the Ohm Boy Rage Squonk is at customers' option. If you choose to make the update, please make sure you understand and strictly follow the below steps that we've validated and be careful of the notes. Desire Design is not responsible for any product issues caused by the firmware update.

 · Many have asked how to update the rage chip, so we made a video. This video will Breakdown how to update the rage using windows 10 and also if you have a mac. UPDATE: 11-9-18 HERE IS THE NEW PLACE ...

 · This is to help those who either don't have or don't wish to install a RAR file format extractor to update the firmware for the OhmBoyOC / Desire Designs Rage Squonk Mod firmware.

 · This video aims to teach the ones who want to upgrade the firmware of Desiredesign rage squonk by themselves.

ohmboyoc and desire design Rage update. this link will allow you to update your rage Squonk box mod.

Final Update On Rage Squonk Mod Firmware Update Issues. If anyone remembers my original post about how I could not get my mod to update for the life of me, here is the conclusion: Desire Designs sent me a new mod, and I was able to update it with ZERO problems. There was definitely something wrong with my first mod. It didn't have the same check battery logo that the mods are supposed to …

Open the firmware update util. Plug USB cable into your computer. Hold down Power up and down on the mod (You need to keep these held the whole time) Plug in MicroUSB to mod (while still holding the buttons) The firmware update software button text should turn black and allow you to push it.

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Go to the file where you saved your firmware update and select that file. Hit open or update, and the software will show you a progress bar as your device is upgraded. As soon as it is finished, it should give you an alert that the firmware was updated successfully. At this point, you can exit out of the program and disconnect your device. Re ...

Step 4: Select your desired firmware update below. DO NOT install any firmware that was not designed for your device otherwise the device will malfunction. Firmware files will also be downloaded as a .FIRMWARE file that will only function with the upgrade tool. Step 5: Remove any battery (or batteries) from the device you want to update. Insert ...

how to update the firmware on the rage squonk ⭐ LINK ✅ how to update the firmware on the rage squonk

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