How to update firmware on sony dvd player

how to update firmware on sony dvd player

how to update firmware on sony dvd player

Using Firmware Update Burned to CD

Find firmware updates, drivers and software downloads for DVD Players-Recorders.

Learn how to connect your Blu-ray Disc / DVD Player to your TV. To download drivers, firmware updates, BIOS, and software, please select your model in …

 · Use a computer to download the update file from Drivers and Software page, transfer the file to your USB Storage Device (for 2014 and newer models only), then follow the instructions provided with it. Purchase the firmware update online. You don't need to have an account to order the firmware update online. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

At the Home Screen menu, use the arrow keys on the remote control to select Setup - Software Update, and then press the ENTER button. A Software Update confirmation will be displayed. Select Update via USB Memory, and then press OK to start the Update via USB Memory procedure.

 · Stay Informed. Be the first to find out about the latest from Sony! This video will walk you through the steps to update your Sony Blu-r...

Power on the Blu-ray Disc player; Check the current firmware version to confirm that the upgrade has successfully installed. Note: If the last three digits of the version number are 014, the firmware upgrade was successful. If you have questions or require assistance, please contact Sony Support at 1-866-909-SONY (7669). Network Firmware Upgrade FAQ

Push the "POWER" button again to continue the firmware update procedure. If "WRT FAIL" is displayed again, remove the update disc from the player and delete the update files from your computer. Download the update again and follow the entire procedure above to create a new update disc and install the firmware update.

How To Get the Firmware Update. There are two ways to update the Blu-ray Disc player firmware: Network Update: The Network Update operation is straightforward. Sony highly recommends that you use the Network Update method. You will need to connect the Blu-ray Disc player to your Internet source using an Ethernet cable.

 · Steps to Install Firmware Updates on your Blu-ray Disc Player Video: How to Check the Firmware Version on a Blu-ray Disc™ Player without an Internet Connection The Blu-ray Disc Player Freezes or Acts Erratically After a Firmware Update

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