How to updafe firmware on optical drive

how to updafe firmware on optical drive

how to updafe firmware on optical drive

 · Update the Firmware for the Optical Drive Determine the Drive Model. Click the Start button, and then click Run. In Windows Vista and Windows 7click the Start button, and then click Start Search. Type msinfo32, and then press . In the System Information window, click Components, and then click CDROM.

When you come to the installation interface, select the drive whose firmware you are going to flash from the "Drivers". After that, click on the "Flash to drive" button, then the program will start updating the firmware. In addition, before the update, the program will warn you that the power can't go out while updating firmware.

Firmware updates for your optical drive can important for a variety of reasons. For example, one of my associates has a Plextor CD-RW drive with a maximum CD-R writing speed of 40x. This drive performed flawlessly and achieved speeds of 30x and faster when writing to green-gold media brands such as Philips and Imation. However, when using azo blue/silver Verbatim media, performance sank to an ...

anyone know how to update/upgrade optical drive firmware for a 17" Imac 1.8.GHZ core duo?? I just put in a replacement optical drive and a guy said to update or upgrade my firmware. I can't get the drive to recoginize CD's and have no clue where or how you can do that. Clueless in Lisle, IL

1. Go into the Windows sub-directory and run the utility contained therein to start firmware update process. 2. On the Warning windows, select "Yes". 3. On the Flash Program for... windows, if the target ODD is not listed, select it and then click "Update". 4. Firmware upgrade will proceed. When the firmware upgrade process completes, it will prompt a successful message, click "Yes".

 · To determine if a firmware update is available for the external USB CD / DVD optical drive, visit the Sony® Web site. NOTE: The DRX-S70U-W optical drive listed on the Web site is the same as the VAIO optical drive (VGPUDRW1). Information provided on the Web site can be applied to VAIO drive.

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