Dell server driver and firmware update best practice

dell server driver and firmware update best practice

dell server driver and firmware update best practice

 · Dell EMC highly recommends that you sign up for Driver and Firmware notifications. Learn how to subscribe to Dell Support Firmware and Drivers email notifications here. When an urgent firmware or driver update is released, we highly recommend that you update it immediately.The article "Update Server Firmware for Optimal Performance" explains why it is important to update Drivers and Firmware.

Dell Server Update is a one-to-one utility to update the BIOS, firmware, and drivers to the latest version. SUU allows you to compare the current version of the components on the system to the version available on the media and allows you to upgrade or downgrade the system components.

The Dell EMC Server Update Utility ISO (SUU) is a local 1-to-1 utility to update BIOS, firmware, drivers, and application on PowerEdge servers to the latest version. Note: This article is part of the Server Tutorials: Update, available here .

Thunderbolt Controller Firmware and Driver is not visible in Dell Command Update utility. If you have confirmed that your system has been purchased with the Thunderbolt Controller and find that Dell’s Command |Update (DCU) utility is not installing or updating the Thunderbolt Controller Driver and Firmware, then please check out the following steps:

 · This article is about best practices for PowerEdge RAID Controllers (PERC). When updating redundant array of independent disks (RAID) drivers, there are varying ideas on how to apply the updates. Best practices say to apply the driver first and then the firmware. Do not reboot. Proceed with RAID firmware update.

 · Levimill - just seeing this now - but one of the best tools to update firmware and drivers is the Dell OME (Open Manage Essentials). It is a free tool that you can install on a server that will allow you to update all your Dell PE servers with the latest drivers and firmware. It is very slick!

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