Cisco ucs board controller firmware activation failed

cisco ucs board controller firmware activation failed

cisco ucs board controller firmware activation failed

The UCS Mini ships with the latest 3.0(2c) code and the B200 M4 blades are shipping with version 7.0 board controller firmware. This configuration causes a major event for each blade stating "activation-failed" and "Activation failed and Activate Status set to failed." Screenshot below.

Solved: The B200 M4 blades shipped with 7.0 board controller firmware and the UCS Mini shipped with the latest 3.0(2c) code. Once a Service Profile is associated, the activation of the 7.0 board controller firmware fails. The 3.0(2c) blade firmware

Now go to and download the UCS FW B bundle, whichever the blade came with (2.2.4b or 2.2.5c). Upload it to your UCSM. Once the uploading and unpacking of the FW bundle is done, go to Equipment and select your blade, go to installed firmware tab on the right side of the window. Select board controller, right click and select Activate Firmware. Now on the pop up window, select the ...

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Thus, I see in the Activate Status for the Board Controller as "failed" which was true when I tried to go from 24.0 to 21.0 but after I disconnected the C240 from the UCS it came back online fine with its CPU's and the server is fine with its firmware updated all ok and the Board Controller is ok at 24.0.

In Cisco UCS Manager, select the blade in the Equipment tab, click the General tab in the work pane, then expand the Part Details area and look for the Part Number field. The following part numbers are affected: • 73-13217-08 • 73-13217-07 • 73-13217-06

Hi, we've just added 3 x B200M4 to a UCS env running 2.2(3a), the blades shipped with 2.2(5a) and version 7.0 of board controller firmware. Once the service Profile is associated or if manually executing the steps, the activation of the 5.0 board controller fails. The 2.2(3a) firmware ships with 5.0...

 · Discovery Fails at 5% - Board controller firmware mismatch. Notice: In this failure scenario, the discovery fails at 5% with Remote Invocation DescriptionAggregate blade board controller firmware version mismatch. Activate same firmware version on both board controller as shown in the figure below. This can occur due to the replacement motherboard or blade module having a different firmware ...

 · Activating the Board Controller Firmware on a Cisco UCS B-Series M2 Blade Server. The board controller firmware controls many of the server functions, including eUSBs, LEDs, and I/O connectors. Note: This activation procedure causes the server to reboot. Depending upon whether the service profile associated with the server includes a maintenance policy, the reboot can occur immediately. Cisco ...

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