Bladesystem c7000 onboard administrator tray firmware 1.7

bladesystem c7000 onboard administrator tray firmware 1.7

bladesystem c7000 onboard administrator tray firmware 1.7

Onboard Administrator firmware version 4.13 resolved the following issue: General ... HP BladeSystem c7000 Onboard Administrator (PN# 412142-B21) GUI. Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10) is supported in compatibility mode only. The IE 10 “Windows 8 – Style UI Mode” is not supported. OA GUI Management Console now allows login to 6Gb SAS Interconnect module Interfaces if VLANs are …

TRAY | BladeSystem c7000 Onboard Administrator Tray | - | 1.7 | 1.7 . LCD | BladeSystem c7000 Insight Display | - | 2.4.3 | 2.4.3 ***** Monty answered: ***** Besides the initial change from the original 2” Insight Display to a 3” Insight Display, we have updated the LCD and LCD firmware a couple of times as the LCD vendor has made changes ...

Deliverable Name: HP BladeSystem c-Class Onboard Administrator Firmware. Release Version: Version 3.10. Previous Version of Firmware: Version 3.00. Firmware Dependency: For firmware compatibility information, please see HP BladeSystem Firmware Maintenance.

BSA-SPC7K2-OA1> show oa info Onboard Administrator #1 information: Product Name : BladeSystem c7000 DDR2 Onboard Administrator with KVM Part Number : 456204-B21 Spare Part No.: 708046-001 Serial Number : OA2ACP1951 UUID : 09OB2BCP1951 Manufacturer : HP Firmware Ver. : 4.40 Dec 08 2014 Hw Board Type : 2 Hw Version : A1 Loader Version: U-Boot 1.2.0 (Aug 24 …

Standby Onboard Administrator module. When a second Onboard Administrator is placed in the enclosure, it becomes the Standby Onboard Administrator. The Standby Onboard Administrator is normally placed in the available Onboard Administrator tray in the rear of the enclosure. By selecting the Active to Standby screen, you can force a transition ...

Allan had a c7000 fan question: ***** I have a customer with a new (Using Remarketing Components) C7000 Blade Enclosure. The update show shows 2 different firmware versions for the Fans. I tried an Update Device and a Force Update Device using CLI commands. Both showed successful but the version did not appear to change. A call to the Response ...

 · When you update Onboard Administrator and Virtual Connect modules – there are still some manual updates to do after. In below example you can see that there is a new firmware version (2.20) for HP StorageWorks SB40c.

Does anybody have a working download link for the latest firmware for the c7000 enclosure Onboard Administrator? SInce the HP site split all the google results are dead and the entire c-Class product line seems to have been erased from both sites. Thanks.

HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator is the enclosure management processor, subsystem, and firmware base used to support the HP BladeSystem c7000 and all the managed devices contained within the enclosure.

Recovering the administrator password. HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure hardware installation. Installing Onboard Administrator modules; HP BladeSystem Onboard Administrator cabling. HP BladeSystem Insight Display. HP BladeSystem c7000 2-inch Insight Display components; HP BladeSystem c3000 and c7000 3-inch Insight Display components; Insight ...

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