5ghz not working since firmware update

5ghz not working since firmware update

5ghz not working since firmware update

 · How To “Fix 5GHz WiFi Not Showing Up In Windows 10” Issue ... Make sure you have the latest BIOS or UEFI firmware, Chipset, Display (Video), Sound, USB3, Bluetooth, Network and all other drivers, or else download and install the latest now. If you have the latest network driver then try on it's Driver tab also to Roll Back, or Uninstall and then restart PC to reinstall the driver. Try also ...

 · Model : Hardware Version : Not Clear Firmware Version : ISP : I recently updated my archer D2 router with the latest version of firmware. It was pretty out of date and I noticed that since a the version before the latest one there had been driver upd

Firmware version: v1.0.7.98NA So it looks like we aren't quite using the same router. I'm not sure when it updated last since I have it automatically update the firmware but it seems like i remember it updating recently when I logged in, but it would have been working after that. It quit working while I was away today and my wife said she could ...

1. Since 4th day internet is coming properly on 2 Ghz, but on 5 Ghz I am able to connect, nonetheless I am unable to connect to internet. I have performed no firmware upgrade or made any changes in router configuration to the best of my knowledge. 2. One of the mobile phone is not picking up 5 Ghz frequency, any tweek I can do to correct the ...

I have an ASUS RT-AC86U, which has been working perfectly until two days ago when I updated the firmware to the current version ( Since then, I've been getting regular disconnections on the 5Ghz band. Sometimes the devices can reconnect, but once I needed to turn the 5Ghz radio off on the router and then on again ...

Re: 2.4GHz WiFi not working, 5GHz working fine In response to gmwheeler They are testing a new firmware fix at the moment (the cause of the issue has been identified), so hopefully it will be deployed shortly (can never commit to a timeframe until it passes the tests of course).

 · Since updating, the channel option under 2.4ghz wifi doesn't seem to work correctly, no matter what you set it to, if you reboot, it defaults back to channel 5, but the gui shows the saved channel, you have to change (in my case) from channel 1, to a

 · I logged onto the router page and updated the firmware. Either the 5ghz band coincidentally stopped working around that time or the firmware upgrade somehow broke it. Now whenever I connect to the asus_5g wifi, it usually fails authentication once (even though im 99% sure i put in the password right) then connects the second try. After connecting, below the wifi name on my …

My Rift S is working again now guys! I forgot to post back the other day! It just suddenly started working again after about 4 days. There was a new Oculus update, I installed that and since then everything has been fine so very weird! I dread the next Oculus update or firmware update. I hope they leave it now!

 · I also want a new firmware, port forwarding doesn't work with the current version, 2.4ghz wireless led shows activity but no one is connected, 5ghz 160Mhz 36ch sometimes works sometimes doesn't. Never in my life did I reset a router so often.. Today I coudn't connect on the 5ghz 160Mhz band, so I connected on the 2.4 band, changed the setting from 160Mhz to 80Mhz waited a couple of …

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